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par Alexandre MARTIN - publié le

The LaMSID, Laboratory for the Mechanics of Ageing Industrial Structures is a mixed EDF-CNRS research unit created in january 2004. The laboratory is part of the research facilities of EDF. Its human resources come from three thematic research departments of EDF R&D (Mechanical Analyses and Acoustics (AMA), Material and Mechanics of Components (MMC), Neutronic Simulation, Information Technology and Scientific Computation (SINETICS)).

Mechanical resistance of structures confronted to ageing problems, under the constraints of maintained safety and economical performance, constitutes an important matter for a society facing decisive economic choices and requiring at the same time an improved safety with respect to industrial risks.

In that perspective, increasing the lifetime of installations, following and validating maintenance repairs or structural modifications, monitoring their real behaviour with respect to design specifications and the need of in service lifetime monitoring, constitute the key issues that need to be associated to sustainable development and that require numerous multidisciplinary scientific progresses. These societal issues are shared with the Engineering Department of the CNRS and are beyond the sole preoccupations of EDF.

The laboratory is devoted to three main research operations :

  • Damage and rupture of structures (metallic and civil engineering ones) ;
  • Data identification, assimilation, exploitation and reduction (loadings, material properties) and coupled problems involving structures ;
  • Computational Mechanics : methods, formulations and algorithms for non linear structural calculations.

The LaMSID relies mainly on Code_Aster libre, free software under GNU General Public Licence. It contributes to its evolution in collaboration with the development team of the software at EDF R&D and its industrial an academic partners.

The LaMSID is part of the Parisian Federation for Mechanics Fédération de Recherche Francilienne en Mécanique des Matériaux, Structures et Procédés (F2M2SP).