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Computational Mechanics

par Alexandre MARTIN - publié le , mis à jour le

Numerical simulation is essential for the development of the research operations and the numerical tools of the laboratory. Performance, robustness and quality of the results are important issues for engineers dealing with large non linear and heterogeneous structures (beams and 3D massive elements for example). They lead to specific developments in order to satisfy them.

On that matter, we can point at works concerning error estimates, new convergence criteria, numerical techniques for non-localization with damage models, contact algorithms. Progresses were also made in the field of advanced use and monitoring of finite elements : sensitivity analyses, adjoint estimates. Most of these results are capitalized in Code_Aster free finite element software for mechanical analyses of structures.

Research also led to new possibilities in the field of simulation :

  • In aero-acoustics, with the development of direct methods dealing with several phenomena : flow and aero-acoustics. More specifically, let us mention high order schemes and multi-domain methods (Code Safari) ;
  • In rupture mechanics in 3D with the development of level set representation and partition of unity concept in order to take into account propagation effects with contact and friction on the discontinuity interface ;
  • In thermo-hydro-mechanics for waste disposal, with the development of non local approaches, in order to get rid of localized effects.