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Internal reports

par Alexandre MARTIN - publié le

2005 - 2006 - 2007

Year 2007

ANDRIEUX S., BARANGER T. : "An optimization approach for the Cauchy problem in linear elasticity", Internal report RI-B3-004, LaMSID, March 2007.

TESTUD P., MOUSSOU P., HIRSCHBERG A., AUREGAN Y. : "Noise generated by cavitating single-hole and multi-hole orifices in a water pipe", Internal report RI-B3-005, LaMSID, April 2007.

ANDRIAMBOLOLONA H., BOSSELUT D., MASSIN P. : "Methodology for a numerical simulation of an insertion or a drop of the rod cluster control assembly in a PWR", Internal report RI-B3-006, LaMSID, 2007.

GENIAUT S., MASSIN P., MOËS N. : "A stable 3D contact formulation using X-FEM", Internal report RI-B3-007, LaMSID, 2007.

ANDRIEUX S., BARANGER T. : "An energy error-based method for the resolution of the Cauchy problem in 3D linear elasticity", Internal report RI-B3-008, LaMSID, 2007.

DESMORAT R., KANE A., SEYEDI M., SERMAGE J.-P. : "Two scale damage model and related numerical issues for thermo-mechanical high cycle fatigue", Internal report RI-B3-009, LaMSID, 2007.

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Year 2006

GALENNE E., ANDRIEUX S., RATIER L. : "A modal approach to linear fracture mechanics for dynamic loading at low frequency", Internal report RI-B3-002, LaMSID, September 2006.

FERNANDES R., CHAVANT C. : "Evaluating the reliability of hydro-mechanical simulation : a benchmark of numerical techniques carried out by research group of MoMas", Internal report RI-B3-003, LaMSID, November 2006.

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Year 2005

ANDRIEUX S., BUI H. D. : "Écart à la réciprocité et identification de fissures en thermoélasticité isotrope transitoire", Internal report RI-B3-001, LaMSID, October 2005.

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