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Computational ressources

par Alexandre MARTIN - publié le

The LaMSID has access to the hardware support of EDF R&D (access to the CCRT machines, to the Blue Gene machine and to the Code_Aster machine : 7 production nodes of 128 Go constituted of 16 Intel-Itanium 2/64 bits processors and 2 development nodes of 32 Go made of 4 Intel-Itanium 2/64 bits processors) and has its own PC cluster (13 Opteron bi-processors nodes). It relies on Code_Aster libre free software in order to capitalize its research and contributes to the evolution of the software. This software is a general purpose software available for the mechanical analyses of structures in thermo-mechanics taking into account multi-physics. Its applications range from porous media to the seismic analysis of whole buildings.